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If you are interested in taking Quran lessons for yourself or your children and want more information on how this service works then please dial the following numbers or click on Skype link given below to get a live demonstration.
USA 1-732-396-0560, 1-201-537-4240
Canada 1-416-238-0290
UK 0207-669-0163
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Q: Do I take lessons from a CD or software?
No, this is a live service. You will learn Quran from a tutor in a live one to one session using audio and visual softwares, conducted at agreed upon time.
Q: Is this website based Program?
The purpose of our website is to provide information to people who want to learn Quran. The actual lessons will be given by a tutor live, who will use software to enhance the quality of the lessons.
Q: Do I need to be expert in computer skills?
No, our team will help you with the basic installation of the softwares used to take Quran lessons. This installation will take maximum 15 to 20 minutes of your time. After that you will be able to start these softwares within a minute easily for Quran lessons. You don’t have to be computer expert to use these softwares.
Q: Do I need to pay for softwares?
No you don’t need to pay even a single penny for these softwares . The audio softwares is skype and can be downloaded free of charges from www.skype.com. The viusal software for meeting purpose will be provided and paid by the company. Our team will send you this software free of charge. So you don’t pay for any of the softwares.
Q: How will I actually receive Quran lesson?
  1. You will login in Skype account provided by our company.
  2. Tutor will call student on computer through Skype and will be able to talk to each other just like telephone
  3. Tutor and child will share the same lesson on their computer screens. Tutor will teach the lesson, student will read and tutor can correct any mistake made by the student.
  4. Tutor will be able to point out the mistakes through highlighting them with lines and spotlight with the help of mouse.

It is just like taking class face to face. At agreed upon time which you consider convenient for you, tutor will provide you with Quran lessons. You can take 3 lessons a week, 5 lessons a week or lessons on weekend according to your needs.


Get Live Demonstration
Quran Learning Online now:
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www.Quranlearningonline.com offer you and your children quality services of Quran learning, Quran reading with Tajweed and Quran translation and Tafseer through our qualified tutors and our excellent teaching method.
What you need to start:
  1. Computer or Laptop
  2. High-speed DSL Connection
  3. Microphone
  4. Headphone Speakers

Our team will help you to download audio and visual software to start this excellent journey in the quest of understanding Quran.

NOTE: These softwares are absolutely free. You dont need to provide any card information to download these softwares.


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